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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Absinthe Recipes: The Black Fairy a exotic cocktail drink.

Absinthe Recipes.

The Black Fairy a exotic cocktail drink. 

In this exotic cocktail we encounter a wonderful mix of flavors. The Absinthe and whiskey are the major tones and the mint and lemon give a nice splash of freshness. A nice complex flavor overall.
The inventor of this cocktail is Erika Fey of California.

Black Fairy Recipe:


  • 4 fresh blackberries
  • Fresh mint sprigs
  • 1 ounce Kubler absinthe
  • 1 ounce Michter’s rye whiskey
  • 1 ounce fresh lemon juice
  • 1 ounce Fever Tree tonic water

Mixing Instructions
Start by muddling the blackberries and the mint in a cocktail shaker.
Next, pour in the Absinthe, whiskey, tonic water and lemon juice.
Add some ice cubes to the shaker, and shake until nice and cold.
Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a blackberry.

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Article Summary:
learn to make a absinthe based drink called the black fairy.

Monday, August 13, 2012

How to make Vodka Gummy Bears, a cocktail treat thats far from normal.

How to make Vodka Gummi Bears.

Here is a nice treat that is a bit different than the normal cocktail. 

It's basically candy gummy bears infused with vodka. I gotta admit, i am a fan of gummy bears, so i decided to give this one a go. I was happy with the results.  It was very easy to make and interesting as the little gummy bears puffed up as they absorbed the alcohol. We tried using gummy worms, and they got a lot bigger as the soaked up the vodka. It's just plan fun to make this unique cocktail creation.

I wonder if this is the new jello shot.

How to make Vodka Gummy Bears:

• 1 Bottle of Vodka (Any kind is fine, i do not recommend premium for this one)
• 1-2 Bags of Gummy Bears (Regular or sugar free)
           Optional: Gummy Worms

Procedure: (How to make Gummy Bear Vodka)
Basically you just soak the gummy bears in the vodka.
Get a large glass container, do not use plastic, it will add a bad flavor to the vodka.
Pour the vodka over the worms and let sit for a few hours.

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Article Summary:
Learn how to make vodka infused gummy bears.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Exotic and Unusal Mixed drinks: The "Ubiquitous Chocolate martini" using vodka and Trader Vic's Chocolate.

Exotic and Unusal Mixed drinks: The "ubiquitous chocolate martini" using vodka and Trader Vic's Chocolate.

This is a nice simple cocktail that slightly strays from the norm, making it semi-exotic. If you have not tried Trader Vic's chocolate Liqueur, this is your chance. We where very impressed by the tiki icons venture into Chocolate Liqueur.

This mixed drink  is very easy to make, just two ingredients.

Ubiquitous chocolate martini Recipe

- 2 ounces vodka (absolut, Skky, Kettle One, etc.)

- 1/2 ounce Trader Vic's Chocolate Liqueur

Cocktail Mixing Instructions:Mix ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and stir. (Shaking will add to much water)
Strain out the ice and pour into a cocktail glass. 
Garnish with some shaved chocolate.

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Trader Vic's Chocolate Liqueur

Article Summary:
Exotic and Unusal Mixed drinks: The "ubiquitous chocolate martini" using vodka and Trader Vic's Chocolate is a nice semi-exotic cocktail drink for you to try at home today.

Tags: Vodka recipes, vodka driks, exotic drinks, chocolate liqueur recipes, mixed drinks, unusual drinks. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Exotic cocktail drinks: The Raven cocktail is a dark and mysterious cocktail

Exotic cocktail drinks: Learn to make "The Raven" cocktail drink.

Note: This is the basic or easy to make version of the Raven.

Dark and mysterious describe this cocktail nicely.
You can layer this drink for a even more dramatic effect.

"The Raven" Recipe
1 oz vodka (Absolut, Skky, Grey Goose, Van Gogh Vodka, Ketel One, etc.)
1 oz rum (Go with a dark rum like Myer's)
1 oz blue curacao
1/2 oz Chambord

Cocktail Mixing Instructions:
Pour the vodka, rum and blue curacao into a shaker with ice.
Shake until cold.
Strain into a cocktail glass with ice cubes.
Finish with a layered effect by slowly pouring the Chambord over  a bar spoon to float the spirit.

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Article Summery:
Exotic and unusual drinks presents how to make a dark and mysterious version of "The Raven". A layered mixed drink that uses Vodka, Rum, Blue Curacao and Chambord raspberry liqueur.

Tags: Exotic cocktails, exotic drinks, dark drinks, Chambord recipes, vodka recipes, unusal drinks, blue curacao recipes, rum, rum recipes.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Exotic cocktails and unusual drinks: The China Blue using lychee liqueur.

Exotic cocktail recipes: How to make The famous "China Blue" cocktail.
Unusual cocktail recipes to try at home today.

This is a wonderful blue cocktail that takes you out of the norm. The name alone sounds exotic.
This cocktail gets it's main flavor from the lychee liqueur. The overall taste is semi-sweet and flowery.
The grapefruit adds a nice balance and the blue curacao makes this cocktail visually stunning.

China Blue Recipe:
4 oz grapefruit juice
3/4 oz lychee liqueur
1.25 oz blue curacao

Mixing instructions:
Skip the cocktail shaker on this one, just pour right into a collins glass.
Give a gentle stir.
You can garnish with a cherry, or a grapefruit.

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Article Summary:
Exotic cocktails features the China Blue cocktail drink recipe. Learn about a great lychee recipe. Drinks that use blue curacao.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Exotic cocktails: The "Death in the Afternoon 2" recipe using absinthe and creme de violette.

Exotic and Unusual Cocktail Drinks: How to make the "Death in the Afternoon 2" drink.
Unusual cocktail recipes to try.

This is a version of the cocktail Death in the Afternoon (absinthe and champagne), This cocktail takes the regular recipe to the next level with the addition of the creme de violette.

The addition of crème de violette has a rounding effect and gives the drink some subtlety.

Death in the Afternoon Recipe:
½ oz crème de violette
5 oz sparkling wine (champagne)
¼ oz absinthe
1 maraschino cherry
Mixing instructions:Pour the crème de violette and champagne into a glass flute. 
Float in the absinthe atop.
Garnish the cocktail with a cherry. 

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Learn some absinthe recipes, absinthe cocktails, creme de violette recipes and other exotic drinks.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Exotic and Unusual Drinks: The Black Martini, great for a Halloween Party.

Exotic Cocktails: How to make the Black Martini for a Halloween party.
Unusual cocktail recipes to try.

Black Martini Recipe:
3 1/2 oz Black Vodka (Blavod)
1/2 oz blackberry brandy or black raspberry liqueur or Chambord
lemon twist for garnish

Mixing Instructions:
Mix ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice.
Shake until cold a frosty.
Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
Garnish with lemon twist.

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Themes: halloween party drinks, black cocktails, black martini, martini recipes, vodka recipes, black vodka, chambord recipes.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Exotic and unusual cocktails: The "Hobnob" recipe using Absinthe and fruit.

Exotic cocktail drinks: How to make the Hobnob. A absinthe cocktail recipe. 

Unusual cocktail recipes to try.

Hobnob means “to drink socially.” 
A hob also is mischievous fairy similar to the absinthe Green Fairy.
This is a classic cocktail that has been with us for some time.

Hobnob Drink Recipe:
• 1/4 oz absinthe
• one 1-inch square of grapefruit zest
• one 1-inch square of lime zest
• 1/2 oz simple syrup
• 1/2 oz fresh grapefruit juice
• 1/2 oz fresh lime
• 2 oz No. 209 gin
• 1/2 oz Luxardo maraschino liqueur
• Slice of grapefruit rind to garnish

Mixing Instructions:
Pour the absinthe into a rocks style glass. 
Rinse or wash the inside of the glass with the absinthe.
Then pour out the excess absinthe. Set glass aside. 
Add grapefruit zest, lime zest, and simple syrup to a cocktail shaker. 
Muddle the fruit zests a bit. 
Add the grapefruit juice and lime juice to the glass.
Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. 
Add the gin and the maraschino cherry liqueur. 
Shake until cold a frosty.
Strain into the prepared glass. 
Garnish with the grapefruit slice.

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Exotic drinks presents the "Hobnob" recipe. A drink made with Absinthe. Meet the green fairy.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Exotic Cocktail Drinks: The "BLACK WIDOW MARTINI" a black cocktail for Halloween.

Exotic Cocktail Drinks: Learn how to make the "BLACK WIDOW MARTINI" a great Halloween cocktail drink. That uses black vodka and Chambord as the main ingredients.
Unusual cocktail recipes to try.

It's hard to find a good black cocktail, well trust me, here is one you will like.
It's exotic, but easy to make.

• 2 oz Black Vodka (Blavod, Absolut, etc.)
• 1/2 oz Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur
• 2 oz blackberry or grape juice
• black licorice and sugar for garnish

Mixing Instructions:
Mix all the ingredients in an cocktail shaker with ice. Shake until cold and frosty.
Next, strain into a sugar-rimmed martini glass.
Garnish the cocktail drink with black licorice and a plastic black spider on the stem.

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Exotic drinks presents the "BLACK WIDOW MARTINI" recipe made with black vodka. A great Halloween cocktail drink.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Exotic Cocktail Recipes: the "Creamy Pussy" cocktail shot using Bailry's Irish Cream and Tequila Rose.

Exotic Cocktails and Mixed Drinks: How to make the Creamy Pussy cocktail shot.
It's got a raunchy name, but it is a great mixed drink shot.

Creamy Pussy recipe: (For Shots)Ingredients:

• 1 oz Bailey's Irish cream

• 1 oz Tequila Rose strawberry cream liqueur

Mixing Procedure:Mix the ingredients right in a shot glass.


Exotic coktail drinks features the "Creamy Pussy" recipe. A mixed drink that uses irish cream and tequila rose.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Exotic Cocktail Drink Article: How to infuse Vodka with flavor and Vodka infusion recipes.

Expert advise on how to properly infuse vodka. Complete instructions and information on how to infuse vodka yourself at home for fun or as a hobby.  Infused vodka cocktails can truly be a exotic cocktail experience.

This is a wonderful way to customize your vodka drinking experience. You can make a creative tasting vodka that is truly of your own design. But most of all, infusing vodka is fun!

We have been having vodka infusion parties for quite some time and have learned a lot through the years. We have come across some very fun, awesome and interesting concoctions in that time that we will share with you.

One of the most often questions we get is, how long does it take to infuse vodka? On average vodkas can be infused in about 4-7 days if you are using a strong tasting ingredient. Although some softer tasting ingredients can take up to 14 days to fully infuse with the vodka.


Orange, cherries, cantaloupe, peach, strawberry, cherry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, pineapple, mango, vanilla beans, lemon, lime, grapefruit, ginger, lemon-grass, herbs, garlic, chili peppers, mint, tarragon, basil, oregano, dill, thyme.

Some interesting popular alternatives include: Skittles Candies.
Skittles are fun, we separate them into the different colors or flavors.

For most fruits you should include about 2 apples worth.
For larger fruits, one will be enough.

For fresh herbs use about 2 fistfuls.
For dried herbs and spices use about 1 fistful.

Vodka is perfect for infusion because it is clear and has a lower flavor level compared to other spirits. The kind of vodka used by most people would be a middle or medium grade vodka. Low budget vodkas can have a nasty aftertaste and top dollar premium vodkas flavor will be replaced by the infusion process so it's kinda a waste of money to buy premium vodkas for infusing.



1. Ingredients (Fruits, Herbs, Etc)

2. Infusion Jar (Large Glass Infusion Jar, see below)

3. Vodka (Base vodka)

1. Wash and then cut your ingredients into thin slices. More surface area helps the infusion process. Small berries can be left whole or cut in half. Remove stems and seeds. If you are using herbs to infuse the vodka, then gently crush them to start releasing the flavor and aroma.

2. Place the ingredients into the infusion jar.

3. Pour the vodka into the infusion jar.

4. Tighten the lid.

5. Place out of direct sunlight at room temperature or in the frig.


• 3-4 days: Soft fruits.

• 1 Week: Herbs.

• 2 Weeks: Thick and fibrous fruits and herbs.


1. You can leave the ingredients in the vodka if desired.

2. Some people like to strain out the ingredients using a wire strainer.

3. Funnel into a glass bottle or serving jar.

4. Store the infused vodka in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight.


    • 750 ml Vodka Base
    • 1/2 small watermelon (cubed)
    Place cubed watermelon and vodka into infused jar.
    Do a taste test starting on the third day.
    Should be ready in 3-5 days.
    Remove watermelon and drink or store.

    • 750 ml Vodka Base
    • 2-3 stalks of lemongrass
    • 1 large piece of fresh ginger.
    Place cubed and sliced pieces and vodka into infused jar.
    Do a taste test starting on the fourth day.
    Should be ready in 4-8 days.
    Remove watermelon and drink or store.

3. CINNAMON APPLE VODKA (Makes a good hot-apple cider)
    • 750 ml Vodka Base
    • 2-5 Large red apples
    • 5 cinnamon sticks

    Place sliced pieces, sticks and vodka into infused jar.
    Do a taste test starting on the Third day.
    Should be ready in 3-6 days.
    Remove pieces and drink or store.

    • 750 ml Vodka Base
    • 2-5 Large ripe peaches 

    Place sliced pieces and vodka into infused jar.
    Do a taste test starting on the Third day.
    Should be ready in 3-6 days.
    Remove pieces and drink or store.

Vodka Infusion Jar
Infused Vodka & Spirits

Infused vodkas are very popular today.

Candy infused Vodka


Vodka Classified: A Vodka Lover's Companion
Verona I Infusion Jar Green Glass
Hexagonal Glass Drink Dispenser with Spout 2.5 Gallon

Exotic cocktails features how to infuse Vodka for your Vodka recipes.  Make your own flavoured vodka.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Exotic Drinks: Recipe on how to make the Red Night Passion Cocktail using vanilla vodka.

Exotic Cocktails and Unusual Drinks: How to make the "Red Night Passion" exotic Cocktail.

"Red Night Passion" Recipe
 • 1 shot of Vanilla Vodka
 • 1 shot of Apple Sourz
 • Can of Sprite to top
 • Dash of grenadine

Mixing Instructions:
Mix cocktail over ice in a martini or highball bar glass. Then add a few drops of grenadine and sink it to the bottom of the glass.

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Exotic cocktails features the Red Night Passion recipe. Also learn about a great Vodka recipe using apple souz.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Exotic Drink Recipe: The Cheesecake Cocktail using Vanilia Vodka.

Exotic drinks and unusual cocktails: How to make the Exotic drink the Cheesecake Cocktail.
This is a yummy drink recipe that is easy to make.
Unusual cocktail recipes to try.

Cheesecake Cocktail Recipe:
• 1 1/2 oz Absolut Vanilla Vodka
• Cranberry Juice to Taste
Mixing procedure: Pour both of the ingredients over ice and serve.

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Exotic cocktails and unusual drinks presents the Cheesecake Cocktail recipe. Learn about some vanilla vodka recipes.

Exotic and Unusual Drinks: Apple Pie Cocktail Recipe.

Exotic cocktails and unusual drinks: How to make the Apple Pie Cocktail drink.

A wonderful exotic drink that tastes of apples and has gold flecks floating in it.

Apple Pie Cocktail Recipe:
• 1 part Goldschlager
• 1 part Vodka (skyy, grey goose, smirnoff, etc.)
• 2 part Apple Sourz
• 3 parts lemonade

Mixing procedure:
Pour everything but the Goldschlager over ice.
Then add Goldschlager at the end as a topper.

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Exotic drink recipes presents the Apple Pie cocktail drink recipe. Learn a great vodka recipe that uses apple sourz.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Exotic and Unusual Drinks: Electric Sex Cocktail Recipe.

How to make the exotic cocktail drink the Electric Sex.

This drink truly is exotic on all levels. It involves fire, it tastes exotic, and it's name is exotic. This one is a favorite cocktail at the bar.  Get's it's name from the christmas classic "christmas story".

Electric Sex Cocktail Ingredients: • 4 oz fresh orange juice
• 4 oz of Red Bull
• 1/2 oz of Raspberry Vodka
• 1/2 oz of Peach Vodka

TO PREPARE:Pour the orange juice and red bull into a glass.
Pour the both of the vodkas into a shot glass.
Light the shot on fire.
Drop into the other glass.
Drink quickly.

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Exotic and unusal drinks features the Electric Sex recipe. Learn about great Vodka recipes and Red Bull cocktails.

Exotic and Unusual Drinks: The Erotic Exotic Cocktail.

How to make the exotic drink the Erotic Exotic Cocktail.

This exotic coktail drink tastes of apples and tropical fruit.

Erotic Exotic Cocktail Ingredients:
• 2 parts Apple Sourz

• 4 parts Vodka
• 1 part Apple Schnapps
• 5 parts Cointreau (Triple Sec is fine)
• 2 fresh Passionfruits
• 1 fresh Mango
• 3 apples (red)
• top up soda water
• Crushed ice

Juice all the fruit in a juicer. 

Put crushed ice in tall Glass.
Sugar rim the glass.
Add juice, cointreau, apple sourz,vodka and apple schnapps.
Stir well. Top with soda water.
Garnish  with slices of mango. 

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Exotic Drinks features the Erotic Exotic drink recipe. A great apple drinks or a apple cocktail.

Exotic Cocktail Drink Recipe: The Absinthe based 89 Zibbo's tropical recipe

How to make the exotic Absinthe based "89 Zibbo's" tropical cocktail drink.

This Absinthe cocktail recipe tastes great, reminds us of a mint shake, only with deeper herbal underpinnings from the Absinthe. An added bonus is that this is a exotic cocktail drink that is easy to make.

Unusual cocktail recipes to try.

89 Zibbo's tropical cocktail recipe:

• 2 oz Absinthe liqueur
• 3 oz milk
• 1 oz mint syrup
• Crushed Ice

Serving size: 1

Place into mixing glass with ice.

Strain and pour into a Collins glass.
Add the milk to cocktail glass.
Serve or garnish with a straw or mint leafs.

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Learn about Absinthe and Absinthe recipes. A great exotic drink.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Exotic and Unusual Drinks: The Absinthe Martini, Absinthe Minded recipe.

How to make the The Absinthe Martini Recipe.
This is a classic exotic drink.

Absinthe Minded Martini Recipe:
2 oz gin
1/2 oz dry vermouth
1/2 oz absinthe liqueur

Shake in cocktail shaker or stir with ice. Pour into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a baby onion stuffed olive. Some bartenders at bars pour a portion of Absinthe into the glass, swirl it around to line the glass first.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tiki Cocktails: Hair of the Mongoose Recipe.

Exotic Cocktails: How to make the famous "Hair of the Mongoose".
Exotic cocktail recipes to try.

"Hair of the Mongoose" Recipe
1/2 oz lemon juice
1/2 oz lime juice
1/4 oz passion fruit syrup
1/4 oz Licor 43
1/2 oz Clement Creole Shrubb
1-1/2 oz Clement Premiere Canne rum
1 oz half-and-half
1 egg white

Shake without any ice to get the egg white emulsified, then shake again with ice. Pour into a tiki or bamboo mug, and top with:

1-1/2 oz ginger beer (I use Cock-n-Bull)

Add ice to the mug to fill, if necessary. Grate fresh ginger root over the top.


Learn the Hair of the Mongoose recipe a great mixed drink. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Exotic COCKTAILS: "Exotic" cocktail recipe

Exotic COCKTAILS: "Exotic" cocktail recipe.

This one uses Hpnotiq as the main driving

The recipe for Hypnotiq is a closely guarded family secret.
it was introduced in 2004 and It's becoming very popular today.
Made from premium vodka, fruit juices and cognac.
It's a top-shelf liqueur.
Hypnotiq is a cool aquamarine blue color.
INGREDIENTS: For the Exotic Cocktail

• 2 oz Hpnotiq
• 2 oz Cognac (Hennessy)
• 1 oz Triple Sec

Shake in a cocktail shaker until frosty.
Pour and serve in a cocktail glass.

Home Made Absinthe Recipe and Instructions. Making Absinthe

A quick guide to making non-distilled absinthe at home. Making absinthe yourself allows you to control quality and thujone content. Several absinthe recipes are included in this article on absinthe

TAGS: absinth, absinthe, wormwood, green fairy, thujone, green devil, homebrew, homebrewing, home brew.

Making Absinthe at Home (non-distilled)

Author: James Sangster

Making Absinthe at home (non-distilled)

Note: Making your own absinthe using the methods indicated here are completely legal in the United States at he time of this writing and in most countries. I do not and will not ever advocate any action that is illegal.

NOT Medical Advice:

We have found and most research presents that absinthe is essentially harmless inthe quantities normally enjoyed by absinthe patrons, but as with all of life, too much of a good thing can be bad. Enjoy all things in moderation. You should have no problems enjoying the occasional or even daily glass of absinthe following the directions here. However to CYA us and yourself, you had best consult a qualified medical professional before partaking of your first batch.

You're more likely to get sick from that takeout last night (was that really chicken?) than your absinthe brew, but we cannot and will not be held responsible for your actions.

What is Absinthe:

Absinthe is an alcoholic drink made with an extract from wormwood (Artemisia absinthium). It is an emerald green drink which is very bitter (due to the presence of absinthin) and is therefore traditionally poured over a perforated spoonful of sugar into a glass of water. The drink then turns into an opaque white as the essential oils precipitate out of the alcoholic solution (louche).

Absinthe was once popular among artists and writers and was drunk by Van Gogh, Baudelaire, and Verlaine, to name a few. It appears to have been believed to stimulate creativity. However, in the 1850's, there began to be concern about the results of chronic use. Chronic use of absinthe was believed to produce a syndrome, called absinthism, which was characterized by addiction, hyperexcitability, and hallucinations.

This concern over the health effects of absinthe was amplified by the prevailing belief in Lamarckian theories of heredity. In other words, it was believed that any traits acquired by absinthists would be passed on to their children. Absinthe's association with the bohemian lifestyle also worked to compound fears about its effects, much as has happened with marijuana in America. Absinthe was subsequently banned in many countries in the beginning of the 1900's.

A word on quality and purity:

This is of the utmost importance. Really it is. We're talking about your health here. Do NOT trust your health to ingredients that you don't know the origin of.

That goes doubly for anything found in any magic or metaphysical or "head" shops. These products are usually questionable at best, and I would not take them internally. You're usually ok with tobacco from those guys, but don't trust their herbs (no, not that kind of herb. That's a different book altogether).

Other considerations are how the herbs were harvested. Were the plants organically grown? Are they certified organic? Were pesticides used? Were they tested for purity? What was their processing procedure to ensure that the active chemicals in the herbs are still potent? These factors make HUGE differences in the quality of your end products. Pesticides cause disease and cancer (and worse) and improperly harvesting can destroy the delicate active chemicals in the oil.

More on this later, I just wanted to make you aware of it now before you skim ahead, read the ingredients and pop down to your local head shop.


Aside from the herbs we will talk about below you will most likely need the following tools to help in this process.

1 ½ or full gallon jar with lid
1 small non-died cotton cloth sack or reusable tea bag ( can usually be
found at a health food store )
1 Brita water pitcher (optional)
Sugar cubes - usually found in any decently stocked grocery store.
Coffee Filters

Traditional Absinthe:

The real deal super-duper honest to goodness genuine absinthe is very pricey (overly so), difficult to make (thus the price) and not really possible to get in the US currently. The FDA regulates the amount of active ingredient in absinthe that is available on the US market. We don't like that. We want lots of active ingredient and we don't want Uncle Sam telling us what's best for us now do we?

I digress..

Traditional absinthe is a blend of herbs for color and flavor with the primary herb being wormwood. This special recipe is fermented into a wine, then distilled (like whiskey or any other spirits) and bottled as traditional commercial absinthe.

Distilling is a messy and very involved business, not to mention highly regulated in the US. It's not legal for common citizens to do this, and most of us don't want to because of the trouble involved in doing so. Though, if I ever move to Mexico I admit I'll probably do it just to be able to say I make my own moonshine.

Bragging rights and all that...

Easy-to-make absinthe:

This is what we want. We don't want to bother with all that complicated jazz involved in distilling and we want our absinthe ASAP. Therefore, we will skip the distilling process and buy distilled alcohol over the counter. A high quality vodka works great, or if you really want to get crazy just buy Everclear. Both work equally well. The Everclear has the advantage of also being used as flamethrower fuel if you're into that sort of thing.

A note on quality vodka:

It's a little known secret that the only difference between gut-rock vodka and high quality vodka is the amount of filtration involved. You can take a bottle of very cheap vodka and run it through a carbon filter, like a Brita water pitcher, and make premium smooth voda, I've done it many times, works great, and you can even continue to use the same pitcher for water again. If you're going to do this a lot, spend the $20 on a Brita water picture (available in any dept store) and buy the cheap vodka.

Puff puff pass...

I told you, we're not talking about that kind of herb. But, we do need to get the rest of the ingredients. Here's the rundown of commonly used ingredients. We'll give you some sample recipes and you can play with what you like.

Wormwood: Essential in all recipes as it has the active ingredient thujone.

(see: wikipedia > Thujone ) Also responsible for absinthe's trademark green color.

Star Anise: Just about in all recipes. Has a licorice flavor and is used in many forms of brewing. Acts to offset the bitterness of the wormwood.

Fennel Seed: also offsets the bitterness and is part of the traditional absinthe flavoring

Angelica: Traditional flavoring ingredient

Hyssop: Gives a crisp note (flavor) to the finished product and helps give the traditional green color.

Other common ingredients in some recipes include Licorice, Peppermint, Coriander, Lemon Balm, Dittany and Juniper. Anything that gives a potent and sweet flavor will work.

My personal favorite recipe is as follows:

½ cup of dried organic Wormwood
3 tablespoons of dried organic Hyssop
1 tablespoon of dried organic Angelica root
1 teaspoon of Fennel Seed (easily found in grocery stores)
However, I should note, that I don't particularly care for licorice flavor so a more traditional recipe might look like this:

A more traditional recipe:

½ cup dried organic Wormwood
¼ cup dried organic Hyssop
3 tablespoons dried organic Star Anise
3 tablespoons dried organic Hyssop
1 tablespoon Fennel Seed
1 tablespoon of dried organic Angelica root
1 teaspoon of Fennel Seed (easily found in grocery stores)

Mix it up!

Ok, so now we have our high quality distilled spirits and we've got our herbs measured in the right proportions.... How do we make absinthe?

Well, we need to get the flavors and chemicals from the herbs into the alcohol.

Stuff all of your herbs into the little cotton bag we mentioned earlier, you can get that at just about any health food store. In a pinch, I've also stapled two coffee filters together and made a little pocket. You're basically making a large tea bag.

Put your herbs in the tea bag, put the bag in the jar mentioned earlier and drown them in 1 large bottle of vodka or Everclear. You can also use ½ a bottle of Everclear and ½ vodka. Makes no difference.

Put the lid on the jar and give it a good shake to get the bag totally saturated. Then reach in and squeeze out the bag, dip it again and re-squeeze.

Put the lid on the jar and store in a COOL DARK PLACE (not in your garage behind the heater) or on your window sill.

Every day come back and give it a good shake, squeeze the bag and shake again.

Do this for 21 days. (you don't have to wait 21 days, you're probably good after 12 days or so, but I find you get better results after 20 days. )

Filter it!

After 21 days (or 12 if you just couldn't wait) you'll need to give the bag one last good squeeze to get all the goddness out of it.

Remove the bag and discard or wash out for re-use. (don't re-use the herbs... put fresh ones it, obviously)

Strain the whole mixture through 2-3 coffee filters stacked together. I usually just put the filters in the bottom of a funnel and pour the stuff back into the vodka bottle.

Your absinthe (and it's now absinthe) should be a very pretty green color and fairly clear.

If you want to do some super filtration you can find a 1-micron filter to use instead of coffee filters. Not sure where to buy them but I'm sure an internet search would turn them up. I've always been very happy with the results from coffee filters.

Congratulations! Have a beer and celebrate. You've just made your first bottle of absinthe!

Absinthe Kits:

There are several vendors that sell kits with herbs already pre-measured in bags with other goodies like slotted spoons and the like. These kits are usually cheaper to get if you just want to make 1-2 batches. The little toys and add-ons they come with are especially cool. My favorite vendor for these kind of kits are There are other kits on the market but these seem to be the best quality and I just love the goodies they throw in. You also get a traditional slotted absinthe spoon, a cool absinthe glass and they throw in some sugar cubes too. All you need is the alcohol.

Where to buy quality herbs:

Now if you're going to be making this stuff regularly, you'll want to buy your own high quality organic herbs. If you can buy them fresh from a local grocer and they can GUARANTEE they are organic that is absolutely the best way to go.

However, I highly doubt you're going to find organic wormwood anywhere. I don't do this often, but I have to pimp this company out. I've ordered from them many many times and they have nothing but the best quality herbs that are certified organic and pesticide free and they package properly so that the herbs are as potent as possible. I just can't say enough about these guys. You'd think I owned stock or something ( I don't ). They just really know their business. I also use their herbs for cooking and medicinal uses. They're also reasonably priced.

Sources Used: Wikipedia.com & http://absinthe.msjekyll.com/ Other Sources:


Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/home-brewing-articles/making-absinthe-at-home-nondistilled-823384.html

About the Author:

James enjoys a myriad of hobbies from computer gaming, paranormal research, web design, teaching & adult training, natural healing & herbalism to making his own wine and beer. He is an avid home brewer and has been for many years specializing in traditional honey and fruit based wines. More recently he has begun serious study into beer recipes and methods and plans on producing a series of beer videos on youtube to match his "super simple winemaking" videos that are so popular on the site.

Project websites include:


absinth, absinthe, wormwood, green fairy, thujone, green devil, homebrew, homebrewing, home brew

[make absinthe] [home made absinthe] [absinthe recipes]

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EXOTIC COCKTAILS: AntiFreeze Drink Recipes

EXOTIC COCKTAILS: How to make "The Anti - Freeze" Drink

Looks like green anti-freeze, quit a unusual drink.
But it is a very good tasting cocktail.

Mix as a shot.

RECIPE ONE: Anti - Freeze Shot

• 1 part Vodka (skyy, sbolut, smirnoff,

• 1 part Green Creme de Menthe

Cocktail Mixing Instructions:Combine in a cocktail shaker with ice.
Shake until frosty.
Pour / strain into a shot glass.

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Exotic cocktail presents the AntiFreeze drink recipe. A unusual cocktail that is a vodka recipe and uses Creme de Menthe.

Exotic and Unusual Drinks: The Voodoo Priestess Cocktail drink Recipe.

Exotic Cocktail Drink Recipes: How to make the Voodoo Priestess Cocktail.

Will you fall under her spell?
This is a slight variation of the original recipe, but just as good.
A little bit of prep goes into this exotic potion, but well worth the effort.

Voodoo Priestess Recipe:

• 1 1/2 ounces dark rum (Captain morgan, Cruzan black strap, Whalers, Myers, etc.)
• 1 1/2 ounces spiced rum (VooDoo Spiced Rum)
• 1/2 ounce brandy (your choice)
• 2 ounces orange juice
• 1 ounce lime juice
• 1 ounce lemon juice
• 2 ounces Voodoo Priestess Spice Syrup
• 1 dash orange bitters

Mixing Instructions:
Shake in cocktail shaker and shake.
Pour into a glass filled with ice.
Garnish with a exotic flower.

SOURCE: www.liquorsnob.com

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Exotic cocktails features the Voodoo Priestess recipe. A wonderful cocktail that uses rum and fruit juices.

Chocolate Martini Recipe: Indulge in this exotic Martini.

Exotic Cocktails: How to make the CHOCOLATE MARTINI.

Indulge yourself from time to time.
Unusual cocktail recipes to try.


• 1 ½ shots of Godiva chocolate liqueur
• 1 ½ shots crème de cacao
• 1 shot of Grey goose or Stolichnaya vodka
• 2 shots of half & half or milk

Mix all the ingredients in a chilled shaker with ice then pour into a chilled martini glass. Rim the glass with cocoa powder.

• 2 shots Vodka
• 2 shots Creme De Cacao

Mix ingredients in a cocktail shaker and pour.
Line rim with chocolate power.

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Exotic and unusual cocktails presents the Chocolate Martini Recipe.

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Exotic Drinks: Video showing how to Make Absinthe the home brew way.

Exotic Cocktail Drink Videos.
ABSINTHE VIDEO: How to make Absinthe.
The Home brew method of making Absinthe.
How to make Absinthe at home.

[absinthe] [make absinthe] [absinthe ingredients] [exotic cocktails]

Absinthe Ritual Video. How to prepare a glass of absinthe the proper way.

Absinthe Ritual Video. 
How to properly prepare a glass of absinthe for drinking,
with sugar, absinthe spoon and water.
Complete video tutorial on the absinthe ritual.

[absinthe ritual] [absinthe video] [prepare absinthe] [absinthe spoon]

Absinthe Video: Overview about making Absinthe.

Video article about Absinthe, quick overview on making absinthe.
Absinthe Ingredients, and what makes a great absinthe.

[absinthe] [making absinthe] [wormwood] [make absinthe] [thujone]

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Is Absinthe Legal to Buy? Exotic Cocktail Article

OVERVIEW: General overview about absinthe being legal or illegal.

Be sure to check out or other free exotic cocktail articles and recipes.

Here is a article i found about absinthe that we thought we would post for you.

Is it Legal to Buy and Drink Absinthe?

Author: Charise Frasier
Welcome to the world of crazy laws if you are considering buying absinthe online and having it shipped top you. The fact if the mater is that it is 100% legal for you to buy and drink absinthe and to provide it for your friends as well, so order up and drink up all that you want. But wait a minute!! Isn't it illegal and thats why it can't be purchased at the local liquor store??Yes it is illegal for the liquor store to sell it but that is all.

When the crazy law that prohibits the sale of absinthe “in the U.S.” was written it was written only to protect domestic liquor producers from what they considered to be unfair competition from a liquor that had far superior and more preferable “intoxicating effects”. Domestic liquor producers just didn't want people selling the stuff, because they couldn't produce it in the U.S where there is no supply of wormwood.

Why not outlaw the import and drinking of absinthe as well to make doubly sure that people would have to drink domestic product when the gathered with friends to toss a few back? Banning the import and consumption of liquor in the U.S. is a touchy subject for liquor producers and they havn't forgotten prohibition. This is why they made sure that the law was enacted and worded the way that it was.

So, as long as your not selling your absinthe you have absolutely nothing to worry about and it will pass through customs inspections unimpeded. So, order up and drink up but remember that absinthe can be as much as 160 proof, so make sure you or none of your friends drive after they have enjoyed their drinks of absinthe.

About the Author:

Written by Charise Frasier. Find the latest information on order absinthe as well as czech absinthe
Article Source: ArticlesBase.com - Is it Legal to Buy and Drink Absinthe?
[wormwood] [absinthe] [absinthe legal] [absinthe usa] 

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ABSINTHE Overview, Recipes and Procedure of a Classic Cocktail Spirit. Green Fairy


A great overview of all things related to the exotic cocktail spirit called Absinthe. This article includes Absinthe pictures, recipes, history and the legality of Absinthe in the United States. Learn about the legendary Green Fairy and the myth of this wonderful exotic cocktail.

Vincent Van Gogh is reported to have painted the Starry Night under the influence and it thought it played a part in him cutting off the tip of one of his ears.

Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec and Picasso all partook in a five o'clock ritual of sipping absinthe with a lump of sugar on a absinthe spoon.

photo of ABSINTHE

Recipe And Procedure.

One of the Kings of Exotic Cocktail Spirits.

Summon the legendary Green Fairy.

By Tiki Fire.

A legendary exotic green drink surrounded for years in myth and magic. Widely known for it's psychoactive effects.  A favorite drink of famous artist, poets and writers through the last 100 years. A high proof licorice tasting cocktail
usually 50% - 70% alcohol.
The holy trinity of the absinthe recipe contains the following:
Wormwood, Star Anise and Sweet Green Fennel. 
There are many more ingredients, but these are the basic three.

Wormwood - Artemisia absinthium

ORIGIN: Switzerland
Wormwood - Artemisia absinthium


Very few other cocktails have the mystery and lore that surrounds absinthe. Often referred to as the drink that would make one mad. Absinthe was also known for it's creative inducing states. Born in Switzerland, popular in France, banned in the USA and other countries. Absinthe has quite a history indeed.  The older roots of absinthe go back to ancient Egypt around 1550 BC where it was mentioned in one of the oldest medical documents. Wormwood was mixed by the Greeks with wine to promote healing.

There are Absinthe Bars opening right now in America.

Absinthe Poster photo
Absinthe Poster

Has been said by many to be a aphrodisiac and hallucinogen.
Artist have used it for ages to try and enhance creativity.

How to prepare absinthe for drinking.

The Absinthe Ritual
The Absinthe Ritual ONE.

The Absinthe Ritual ONE.
1. Fill the bottom part of the glass with absinthe.
2. Place the absinthe spoon on the glass, then place the sugar cube on the spoon.
3. Iced water is then dripped slowly over the sugar and spoon.
4. This process lets out the essential oils to louche out turning the absinthe a opaque greenish color.

The Absinthe Ritual TWO "Flaming."
This method is know as the CZECH METHOD.
1. Fill the bottom of a glass with absinthe.
2. Take a spoon full of sugar and dip it gently
into the absinthe to moisten the sugar.
3. Light the spoon full of sugar and let it burn until
it starts to go out.
4. Then place spoon into the absinthe and swirl.
5. Add water and ice then enjoy.

Paletta Assenzio
Sometimes the sugar is shaped into neat designs.


This is just the basic ritual of sugar, ice, and water.

2. GREEN FAIRY (classic)
This is a old recipe used in Europe.
• 3 oz Absinthe
• 3 oz Water
• 1/2 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
• 2 tsp of white of egg.
Shake all ingredients together.

Modern recipe for the younger crowd.
Gives you wings, green fairy wings.
• 4 oz Absinthe
• 1 Can of Red Bull
Pour over ice in a clear glass.

Inspired by Ernest Hemingway
• 4 oz Absinthe
• Sugar soaked in Angostura bitters
• Sparkling Wine, fill rest of way up.

• 2 oz Absinthe
• 1/2 oz Anisette
• 1/2 oz White Creme De Menthe
• 1 egg white

6. Absinthe Margarita
• 2 oz Absinthe
• 1 oz Triple Sec
• 1 oz Lime Juice
• 1/2 oz Tequilla

6. Absinthe Minded
• 1 oz Absinthe
• 1 oz Velvet Falernum
• 1/2 oz Fresh Lime Juice
• 4 oz lime gin
Lime zest is optional.

• 2 oz Absinthe
• 1 oz Light Tequila
Mix into s shot glass.


Q. Is Absinthe Legal in the USA?
A. YES and NO.

Yes they are selling it in the stores here in the USA, but it's not the REAL stuff. Buy real stuff i mean the traditional 100mg of thujone, the active ingredient from the herb wormwood. The stuff on the shelfs here is 10mg or less.

The FDA bans the use of wormwood related products, but it has a lot of grey area. What makers are doing is either

filtering out the thujone or reducing it's level to meet FDA regulations. It is not illegal to own, only to sell.

Q. Is Absinthe Legal to own in the USA?
Yes, you can legally own absinthe in the USA, you just cannot sell it.

Absinthe Substitutes

When Absinthe became illegal in some countries companies

started making taste alike substitutes. Some of these brands

are listed below.

• Absente (Uses a southern legal wormwood)
• Herbsaint
• Pastis

SUPPLIES (coming) new update

One of the few brands containing the original high level of thujone is the King of Spirits Gold which contains 100 mg of thujone. King of Spirits Gold Absinthe is made in the Czech republic where there are no restrictions on thujone levels.


• ABSINTHE Brasserie and Bar.
398 Hayes Street at Gough,
San Francisco, CA
PH. 415-551-1590
Fine Dining.



Blue Green fairy #008

Vintage Absinthe Drinker Photo
Vintage Absinthe Drinker Photo
Artemisia Absinthe - green fairy
Absinthe...this  #####  will do a combo on you!
A Welcome Fairy #037green fairy

Instructions and recipes for making absinthe.

It is not hard at all to make a homemade
infused spirit absinthe. The higher the
proof of the base alcohol, makes all the difference.

NOTE: Traditional absinthe is distilled and infused.
Since most people do not have a distiller due to
legal reasons, we will cover infused absinthe.

Article on making Absinthe at home is here:

Under Labels or Blog History.


Learn about Absinthe recipes and history.